Alex McGery


My name is Alex McGery and I was born in Greenwich, London in 1987. 

I am a composer, arranger and music teacher who studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London from 2009 to 2015, obtaining a bachelors degree in composition.

With each piece that I write - be it an original composition, a soundtrack to accompany a film, or an arrangement of somebody else's work - I strive to achieve two things. The first is a high level of quality, and the second (and of equal importance) is accessibility. 

My aim is to produce well-written music that can be enjoyed not just by academics  classical performers and people who make music their career, but by everyone with an interest in classical or media music. 

I am inspired by the great composers who wrote music that could be enjoyed almost universally and for generations to come, 

transcending time and culture without sacrificing their aesthetic quality.