Picture of Alex McGery at the Studio with the band TwoPenny Blue

Recently I've been collaborating with Tom Soares from the upcoming rock band Two Penny Blue, who have just released their first album on spotify and apple music, which features string arrangements written by myself on four of the tracks.

Tom was the engineer at a concert of which I had a piece premiered at back in July 2017. We got to talking and he told me that he was looking to work with a composer to help produce some string arrangements for their recently released album.

This year he contacted me again asking for some help with his own arranging for three new songs that the band had been working for. I oversaw and made edits to seven arrangements and wrote two of my own in a short space of time. We then went back to Livingston Studios in Wood Green, London to record brass and strings for the three songs, and the result was very impressive. Twopenny blue have a unique sound and a considerably more advanced approach to structure than many of their rock contemporaries. Their songs don't tend to follow the usual verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure that nearly every song adheres to, and they actually dare to write unexpected chord progressions and modulations into their music.

I'm really looking forward to hearing the end result, which was played by a collection of very experienced and skilful musicians, including the fantastic and very enthusiastic violinist Simon Hewitt Jones.

#collab #twopennyblue #arrangement

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